About Newham ESOL Exchange

Who are we?

Newham ESOL Exchange is a network of people and organisations working together to improve ESOL in Newham.

The Exchange is managed by Compost London CIC and funded on an ongoing basis by Our Newham Learning and Skills.

The Exchange brings together people who deliver or host ESOL, and those who work in other ways with ESOL learners, such as community groups, health workers and employment advisors.

What do we do?

We facilitate a network of individuals and organisations, enabling useful connections between them.

Since 2007 we have published details of ESOL classes in Newham. In 2015 we created an online directory with the help of a volunteer.

In 2019 we started to change the way ESOL learners are assessed and placed in Newham, working towards a single point of assessment and centralised database. This meant learners could find the right course more easily. A single database would provide much-needed information about demand and provision, leading to more effective use of resources. Newham’s Entry to ESOL was funded until June 2020 by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Integration Fund. We had enough funding to continue until the end of September but were unable to secure funding beyond this.

We are now signposting learners to ESOL providers who will organise their own assessments. 

Newham ESOL Exchange runs meetings and events for anyone with an interest in ESOL. We organise training for ESOL tutors and create resources and factsheets. During Covid-19 our events and workshops have been paused.

We occasionally deliver projects to enhance the experience of ESOL learners. In 2019-20 we ran a Heritage Lottery funded project called Your Heritage and Mine, that engaged learners in creating resources for ESOL classes around shared heritage. Due to Covid-19 this project was paused and re-started in September with online workshops. It has now completed and leaves a legacy of resources for ESOL tutors. Contact us to find out more on esolexchange@compostlondon.org.uk

How can you get involved?

Sign up to our mailing list here to receive emails about our events, projects and training. Or contact Patricia Donkor who facilitates the Exchange, at esolexchange@compostlondon.org.uk